Down To Earth Landscaping

Down To Earth Landscaping in Delhi, New York is a locally-owned, licensed, and fully insured company serving Delaware and the surrounding counties. Our full service approach offers client professional landscaping services from installation to maintenance.

Down to Earth has been providing service both commercial and residential since 2004. We offer service such as installation of walks and patios, flower beds and gardens, planting of a wide variety of trees and shrubbery, lawn and ground maintenance, light excavation including drainage, driveways, trenching etc., and many other phases of landscaping.

The types of work that we specialize in are installation of walkways, patios, tree and shrub planting, lawn and ground maintenance and new lawn installation. We also offer a wide variety of mulches, topsoil and stone products.

Our Services

Complete lawn and ground maintenance

Walks and Patios Installed

New Lawn Installation and Light Excavation

Tree and Shrub Planting

Bush hogging/Field and Pasture Mowing